New Home

I realized that a big reason I never wrote here is that it didn't feel like "home". And it wasn't. It was a line item on a much bigger list regard my entire online lifestyle. Do I want a personal cloud? Should I host it myself? What should run locally? Should I use a hyper-techy Markdown-powered static site? But then I can't easily post from my phone - like I am right now. 

Well, this is one decision I was ready to make. I'm tired of constantly switching to the new popular self-hosted platform. I don't need something as huge as WordPress just to run my own site. Now that I am no longer a developer by day, I want to spend less time working on my site and more time witting on it.  

So, as off today, this site now runs on Squarespace. They offer a great writing experience, solid mobile apps, and I don't have to worry about the site. Their templates are great for a non-designer like me, and when I go to build my wedding website soon, it is super easy to add on a site. It took less than two hours to migrate over here as well, which is pretty much the fastest I have ever been able to pull that off. It is kinda odd to not have this domain pointing to my own server, but now it feels like home.