2015 - Whats in Store

Inspiried by all the other "2015" posts I have seen today (especially Patrick Rhone's, I figured I needed to call out what I wanted to accomplish this year. It's a hodpoge of resolutions, goals, and general themes, in no particular order.

  • Read more + read better. I used to read a ton, and then the internet happened. These days, I read far more on Reddit than I do just about any other source. I am going to start with a 1 book/month goal, and start to carry my Kindle. I tend to do well with physical reminders, so schlepping it around should get me to pull that out, rather than my phone

  • Stablize my personal system. Late in 2014, I realized I had mostly been, well, lucky to not forget anything. My previous GTD based system had long devolved into a bunch of random lists. For 2015, I am back on the wagon (not letting go of the "Weekly Review" concept really helped here). The main hub is my Levenger Circa, and various services (Trello, Sunrise.AM, Evernote) will feed it. I have a post in the queue about why I love analog things so much, which should explain it a bit more in-depth.

  • Use this site. This poor site. I've had a blog since 09, and I have never landed on what its...for. Recently, I have been getting an itch to write more. I haven't fully landed on a list of topics, but it will likely start as a mix of pen/gear reviews, productivity thoughts, links I love, book reviews, and personal thoughts. 

  • Journal. Related to the above, I have never kept a personal journal/log/etc. I've spent a lot of the last year reflecting, and not being able to look back at anything has hindered that a bit. 

  • Grow fjorge. This new role is my biggest yet, and I really want to see some "up and to the right" by the end of the year. 

  • Fix my teeth - I have always only been "OK" when it comes to my teeth, and relatedly, have always hated the dentist. I need to get my wisdom teeth out, and generally get it better integrated into my routine.

  • Manage my finances better. This year, I will log every transaction in YNAB (something I have tried and failed at before), and pay down debt. Not being as paycheck-to-paycheck anymore has lead me to a spot where I haven't made much progress on my finanical goals, rather have just been comfortable. 2015 will see me tackling those goals. 

  • Get outside more. I spent most of my youth outdoors (Thanks to a comboniation of working on my Eagle Scout, climbing, and having trails nearby). Most of my adult life has been behind a screen. I want to end up in a better balance this year. 

I've hit a point that big, year-long themes don't fit anymore - there is no big glaring One Thing Wrong like there was previously. Turning 26 and seeing the downhill to 30 has focused me around cleaning up the things in my life that I am not happy with, in an effort to form the habits I want to have 5/10/50 years from now. 2015 is the start of all of this.