A More Personal Cloud

This last weekend, I got a bug to redo my personal infrastructure. I was thinking that I needed to have a home for all my data on stuff I owned, rather than just on all the various cloud services I used. I figured that this was as good of time as any to try out Ghost, a Markdown based blogging platform (which is awesome, as most of my posts are in Markdown from playing with Jekyll and Octopress) written in Node.js. I like that it runs on the server, rather than it being laptop dependant. I've always thought node was a really cool language, so having a site running it seems even better.

I need to do a design for it, and finish some of the supporting infrastructure, but this marks the re-lauch of my home on the web over to mph.io. This is without a doubt my favorite domain that I own, and everything is going to be centered around it. I am setting up a personal analogy to all my main cloud services, so that I can either run them in paralell, or use one as a backup. Some of the stuff I have setup:

  • Contacts/Calendars/Files/Photos via OwnCloud
  • RSS via Selfoss
  • Monitoring via linode-longview (which monitors all my main servers) and monit(to help keep node.js alive, and to monitor a bunch of other stuff)
  • IRC bouncing via ZNC
  • This blog, running Ghost
  • GitLab, to host repos for me

I still havent decided what to do about email just yet - I think I may point all my personal domains to Fastmail, and run them through there. As much as I want to run my own mail server, I really dont want to deal with running it, keeping it off blacklists, and spam. Fastmail is the most trustworthy email company that I have found, and they have been powering my non-GMail domains for a few years now. 

It was a fun experience getting everything up and running on a VPS (2GB from Linode) within one evening. While some final config and tuning is required, everything is online and responding.