Nuked It All

I finally went ahead and did it. I nuked all my old writing. Posts going back to 2008, back when I was just learning all this stuff. 

I was in college, dying to stand out, and happened to grok WordPress really well. That was my in - I was in marketing, could code a bit thanks to classes I had taken, and could make my name by being young. Thinking back, it was a bit crazy - I only got kicked out of one bar for being at an event while I was too young, but trying to break into marketing at 19 is tricky, when nearly every event revolves around booze.

5 years later, it just didn't feel right to bring all those posts back. So, it is time to start anew. This time, I am not going to limit myself to posts that will make me look like a strategic though-leader looking to bring busines to social while socializing business. I did save a few of my old posts, most of which were recent. 

So, here you will find my long-form stuff, and anything a bit meatier. You can find me as mitchellhislop on most social sites, where I post the less-important stuff. You will also find it under the 'MPH' moniker, if I am able to secure that.