Ever since the first iteration of mitchellhislop.com, which has since morphed into mph.io, I have had a page dedicated to what I use, from both a hardware and software perspective. I love the 'gear' side of my job and hobbies almost as much as I like the 'doing stuff with gear' side of things. 

(Updated January 2019 | Image: Paisley in my study)


Desktop PC 

  • Intel i5 7760K Processor

  • nVidia GTX 1070 (Asus STRIX)

  • 20GB RAM

  • 1TB SSD

  • 2TB HDD

  • Windows 10

  • 2x LG 23" IPS displays

  • Razer BlackWidow KB

  • Corsair Dark Core Mouse

  • Razer Kraken Headset

  • JBL Pebble Desktop Speakers

  • Saitek X52 HOTAS

  • Xbox Controller

This computer is mostly a gaming machine, but gets tapped for dev work from time to time. 

Laptop PC 

MacBook Air 13", Mid 2013

  • Intel Core i5

  • 16GB RAM

  • OSX Mojave

Work computer - runs Browsers, VMs, Spotify, whatever is needed. Usually paired with a second monitor. 

MacBook Adorable 12", Mid-2017

  • Intel Core i5

  • 8GB RAM

  • 512 GB SSD

  • OSX Sierra

Personal computer - Mainly used for browsers, email, and the like. Perfect couch and travel machine. 

Other Stuff/EDC 

Aside from the above, the rest of what I use to get things done:

EDC - What I carry everyday

  • Tumi Anderson Slim Commuter Brief

  • Apple AirPods (after using these for almost a year, daily, I can confidently say they are the closest I have seen to a perfect product)

  • Belroy Hide-and-Seek Wallet or Belroy Card Sleeve

  • Light - Prometheus Beta-QR

  • Pen - Kaweco AL-Sport, Pilot Vanishing Point, Lamy 2000 FP, Faber Castell e-Motion Pure Black FP, TWSBI 580, Parker 45, Parker 51, Monteverde Invincia, Tactile Turn Gist, Various Retro 51 Rollerballs

  • Knife - Lionsteel Roundhead or Benchmade Proper, Leatherman Micra

  • Levenger Ambi-folio (Bomber), Levenger Foldover (Junior, Bomber), Field Notes notebook

  • Keys - Atwood Area 51 Wrunt

  • iPhone X

  • Watch - Apple Watch

Other Hardware

  • iPad Air 2

  • GoPro Hero 5 Black

I no longer run my own servers - no real need, and I have fallen in love with the hassle-free life things like Squarespace provide.


Since I end up using Windows, OSX, Ubuntu, and Android on a daily basis, this is going to be a big list. 

  • Spark, Things, Fantastical, and Safari make up my "core set" of apps. These are best-in-class experiences for getting work done.

  • Dropbox - I use Dropbox to keep all my devices in sync, as well as a few of my apps. It holds the majority of my data. Currently sitting at 81.8% of 106GB

  • Backblaze - I used to be a die-hard fan of CrashPlan, but then they made the (absolutely stupid) decision to abandon the consumer market. I've since migrated to Backblaze, and aside from being able to back the laptops up to my desktop, everything is just as good, if not better.

  • Google - GMail and GDrive primarly, but I have been a user of everything from Reader (RIP) to Wallet. Despite some of the privacy worries, which are not lost on me, they seem to be on the "good guy" side of that fight.

  • Fastmail - Despite my love of Google products, I don't want to be beholden to only 1 platform. My personal emails run off of Fastmail, and are forewarned to Gmail. With just a few short steps, I could sever them, and be off of Google.

  • Squarespace - I've spent the better part of 10 years living online, and having a digital home. Squarespace has been the easiest and most hassle-free place for this site to live. I'm seriously impressed with what they have created - for a ton of scenarios, it is absolutely the right choice.